Carburettor refurbishment

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Carburettor refurbishment

Postby Ozmadman » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:01 pm

I have just got my carb back from Martyn Bratby and what an excellent job he has made of it too!!! I was toying with the idea of replacing the thing with a new one (389 monobloc) but was a bit concerned about the comments I have read regarding the quality of these new ones etc so I decided to go for a refurb.
Not only did he re-bore the body and fit an oversize brass faced throttle slide (which fits perfectly with no play whatsoever) He re-cut the top thread on the body and supplied a new undersized top ring, made a new o/size jet block screw to replace my stripped one (the one that screws in the side of the carb body to stop the block from moving), supplied a new brass float needle which replaces the viton tipped one, re-machined the float chamber cover, supplied a new banjo bolt (fuel inlet) , supplied a new choke spring brass tube + all the relevant gaskets etc and finally jet/sandblasted the whole thing to make it look nice... the total cost? £60.95... Ok, I had to pay postage (Royal mail special delivery both ways ) at £11 each way but I have a probably better than new carb for under £85.00.. And, importantly, the bike runs a treat, ticks over evenly and the stutter/splutter I used to get on the initial throttle opening has now gone and it takes up cleanly and smoothly.. Only one downside.. be prepared to be without your carb for about 8/9 weeks but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...

Martyn Bratby
No1 The Coachouse Works
Limepit Lane
South Staffs
WS12 4PA

tel/fax 01543 572583
mobile 07772169524
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Re: Carburettor refurbishment

Postby waratah » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:47 am

Looks great, retained the aged patina that can't be bought !

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Re: Carburettor refurbishment

Postby rex.webb » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:51 am

100 % !
Great Well done that man .
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Re: Carburettor refurbishment

Postby clanger9 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:46 pm

Just wanted to add my recommendation here for Martyn Bratby. While it does take him quite a while to do the work (and he will turn work away if he gets too busy), it's well worth the wait. My cranky old Amal carb was returned in absolutely perfect condition with all the correct jets for my bike. Better than new, in some ways: all mating surfaces are perfect and the brass-sleeved slider means that this critical fit is better/closer than a standard Amal.



Needless to say, my bike starts and idles perfectly now. Well worth £90. :D
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