Internal coating/lining petrol tanks.

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Internal coating/lining petrol tanks.

Postby MAC » Thu May 04, 2017 8:44 pm

I was plagued with rust from my 1958 M18 petrol tank totally blocking fuel taps filters etc.
The rust was very fine, like sand..a magnet proved it was rust.
I cleaned out the tank using nuts, bolts chain etc..and a variety of dodges like coca cola ( better than drinking it) parafin no avail.
In the end i sent it off to Ian Potter of Tank Care Products in Norwich to be chemically cleaned and then sealed with an ethanol proof coating( time will tell on that score) . The finish is cream and shiny like vitreous enamel. The cost was £195 and it took 5 weeks...a pain but the bike has never run so well..its great having acceleration instead of a gradual build up of speed. A costly fix but the price of a new tank even from India was more expensive when it has to be painted and pinstriped.

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