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Re: Saftek

Postby clive » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:01 am

MalcW wrote:
mikeydpippin wrote:Pardon my ignorance Malc, I will soon be looking to buying replacement shoes for my 57 G3 and Jampot spares incl postage and vat comes to £27.28p (013620)
Are the Saftek shoes a better quality?

Hi Mike, sorry, I hadn't seen your post. The honest answer is I Don't Know. I went for Saftek because of other reviews I'd seen, and the implication that they have higher friction. I must say that now they are bedding in they do seem to give more power than the originals, which still had plenty of meat on them.

You say that you are buying new shoes: I should point out that Saftek re-line the shoes you already have.


The club ones are exchange too.
if it ain't broke don't fix


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