FEKED - What a bad service ! -Resolved-

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Re: FEKED - What a bad service ! -Resolved-

Postby Eamonn » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:41 pm

ajscomboman wrote:
uas526 wrote:For AMC spares it would be AMC Classics, Russel Motors (in person) or Jampot Spares, in that order.

I may as well not waste my time trying to improve the system then.

Perhaps Aaron could drop an email to the club with an indication as to why he prefers to shop outside of the club spares scheme? Only by knowing the reason people shop elsewhere can we make the right improvements.

Let's not continue the discussion here as that will be diversifying from the original topic... :-)

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Re: FEKED - What a bad service ! -Resolved-

Postby JEAN-NOEL » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:57 pm

For my part, I have always favored the spares scheme / AMOC Parts, since 1994. And for years I have paid 10 £ to renew the parts stock (and also to have a discount...). AMC Spares was always helpful when the items I was looking for were not on the shelves. As my bike is post 63, some bits came from Andover or Norvil. The two last orders from Feked were first class service, with low shipping charges (16.75 including VAT) with DHL, for généric items. After the problem, solved, related in this post all was nice.


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