Dent Doctors Walsall

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Dent Doctors Walsall

Postby gpzandy » Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:51 pm

I normally just lurk on the club forum, not having anything sensible to say, however:
Whilst my G3 was in bits, I had a mishap and put a dent in the petrol tank. The damage was very similar to the sort of dent caused when the forks are forced past the lockstop and the stanchion collides with the tank just forward of the filler cap. I bought one of the glue-gun dent pullers but it wasn't up to persuading the AMC steelwork to budge.
Having failed on that that tack, I changed course and having made an appointment, took it to the Dent Doctors in Walsall. John was able to remove the dent while I waited, completely restoring the original curvature, leaving only very minor surface damage which disappeared under a very, very thin layer of cellulose putty. I had noticed the Dent Doctors advert in OBM and I was so pleased with the result of the repair that I wrote to OBM to share my good experience. As not everyone would have seen that letter, I thought a mention here would be appropriate.
Speaking as a satisfied customer, no other connection whatsoever.

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Re: Dent Doctors Walsall

Postby bitza » Sat Jan 09, 2021 4:33 pm

I used John to repair the leaks / pinhole and thin areas on our g9 tank, he did first class job he told me he was a panel beater sheet metal worker at jaguar for years, certainly knows his stuff.

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