1950 (ISDT style) AJS 18S. VMP 129

Where is that old bike?
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1950 (ISDT style) AJS 18S. VMP 129

Postby DanCampling » Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:06 pm

Hi All, I'm trying to track down a 1950 ISDT style AJS 500cc, model 18S. REG: VMP 129

My late father Dave Campling built in 2008/9 and it was sold in Aug/Sep/Oct 2009.

It was bought from him in Farringdon Nr Alton Hampshire.

DVLA shows it's on a SORN and was last on the road in 2011 - so there is hope!

I'd dearly love to find this and hopefully get it back in the family one day and ride it! - it was my favourite of all his builds and I never even heard it run!

Dad worked for Comerford's, Ken Heanes, MCN, and Dirt Bike Rider over the years and built dozens of great bikes, the definitive Gold Star resto book was actually based on him and his resto in the '70s

Any help much appreciated


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