Looking to identify an old bike model - GEW 889

Where is that old bike?
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Re: Looking to identify an old bike model - GEW 889

Postby Rosy » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:24 am

When I saw this photo I was transported right back to my youth in the late 50s, I could smell the aroma of oil, petrol, and exhaust, even feel myself sat on a 350 AJ in my fathers garage much the same as this bike, it was my first of many AMC bikes I remember the reg started with KKT, my mate started singing a song from a previous era K K K Katie, so Katie it was, he was the comedian of our gang he'd have you laughing all day long. You see photo's all the time of old bikes on forums but this photo just seem to hit the nostalgia button. So glad I have one sat in my garage now all be it a later model.


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