Where is KUN719

Where is that old bike?
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Where is KUN719

Postby morrisllandegla » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:49 pm

Hi - I am trying to trace my father-in-laws 1954 AJS 350 bought from Jack Wilkies in Wrexham.

While my Father-in-law cannot remember things like to turn a chip pan off, like most aging men, he can remember everything from his youth very vividly.

He was telling us about when he went to the 1954 Farnborough air show on his new 350, traveling from Wrexham, North Wales. He was telling us all about how much fuel he used, where they stayed etc when I asked if he remembered the registration number - of course he did - KUN719.

A quick check shows it was MOT'd a few years ago and is SORN so there is a good chance it is still around.

If anyone knows of it I would love to speak with the owner and pass on what information I have from its original owner.

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