Previous Owners of 266 DPA

Where is that old bike?
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Previous Owners of 266 DPA

Postby Andy Hinkinson » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:09 am

Are there any previous owners of 266 DPA on here by any chance ?

It would nice to learn a bit more history on my bike if possible.



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Re: Previous Owners of 266 DPA

Postby Group Leader » Sun May 03, 2020 6:00 pm

Do you have the original log book for the bike? If so, Mr Google might be your friend.

I found, if I remember correctly, my AJ's 4th owner (from the mid 60s) via Google and managed to get in contact with him via the secretary of a cycling club ..... I was fortunate that both the owner and the village he lived in had unusual double barrelled names, he still lived thereabouts and he had relatively recently written an article in the local cycling club's newsletter.

He was really pleased to hear and see that his trusty old steed was still around and looking good when I finally made contact with him via the 3rd parties. He gave the bike to his nephew and hadn't seen or heard of either of them since! Still 1 out of 2 is better than nothing! Needless to say that he has an open invite to come and see it if he should ever find himself in my part of the world.

Good luck with the hunt!

1953 AJS 16MS, 1939 BSA 250 and a 1/3 scale Sopwith Triplane but that's another story ..... :lol:

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