FEMA - Clean week 2012

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FEMA - Clean week 2012

Postby Eamonn » Tue May 29, 2012 11:45 am

Press release from the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA) May 7th, 2012

Clean Week 2020 - E Motorbike and E Scooter European election

From May 2nd till May 6th Zolder Circuit in Belgium formed the ecological heart of European mobility. Large and small manufacturers presented their greenest two-wheelers and cars and the European e-Motorbike and e-Scooter of the Year were elected. The perfect opportunity for all those interested in discovering where we stand today in clean mobility and to have a chance to admire the latest ecological technology from the front row.

This year's "Clean Week 2020" was celebrating its third full edition and the organisers are planning to carry this event on till 2020. After this year's election of Clean Car of the Year - won by the Chevrolet Volt, Opel Ampera and Mitsubishi iMiev - for the second time as part of Clean Week, a winner was also chosen in the category EMotorbike, the E-Scooter, the E-Bike and the E-Quadricyle. While electric cars are being talked of everywhere, more and more alternatives on two wheels are arriving on the scene.

European eMotorbike en eScooter of the Year

A jury of twelve specialised European motorcycle journalists gathered last week in Zolder for extensive testing of all kinds of battery driven two wheelers, coming from brands like Brammo, Zero, Vectrix, IO, E-Max, Govecs, Dumco, Nimoto, Novox, Peugeot, Sens, Sym, Noveco, Emco and Solex.

The prizes in the European E Motorbike/E-Scooter election finally went to the Zero S (motorbike), to the Govecs Go! S 2.4 (scooter - 25 kms/h), the Govecs Go! T 2.4 (scooter - 45 kms/h), the Vectrix VX1 (+ 45 kms/h) and last but not least to the Nimoto City 350 (Moped - 25 kms/h).

Belgian eBike en eQuadricycle of the Year

Next to the European election there was the Belgian eBike of the Year event, with participations of eMove, Gazelle, Graville, Kettler, Nimag and Sev. In the category of electric bikes, the eMove C300 model dominated, taking the best styling prize too.

Finally there was the Belgian eQuadricycle of the Year, let's say the small electrical city car, with 6 candidates for two titles: in the category "Passenger", the Renault Twizy came first, beating the Electric Drive Budyy and the Estrima Biro.

In the category "Commercial", the spoils went to the Electric Drive Goupil G5, followed by the Electric Drive Goupil G3 and the Philco Cityfort.

Information & images - Elections
Koen Wijckmans | jury.elections@circuit-zolder.be | +32 475 45 57 67

Information & images - CLEAN WEEK 2020
Debby Wilmsen | debby@dpcommunications.be | +32 498 52 24 79 Frederic De Gezelle | frederic@dpcommunications.be | +32 473 97 98 13

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