FEMA Newsletter - Autumn 2012

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FEMA Newsletter - Autumn 2012

Postby Eamonn » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:53 am

Dear readers,

After the bike summer festivals of the past few months, I would like to personally invite you to the political motorcyclists’ meet-up of the year: the second European Motorcyclists' Forum, in Cologne on October 3rd.

Held jointly with the Ifz Conference and INTERMOT for the first time, it will be a unique opportunity for motorcyclists of all countries and the transport authorities’ representatives to come together, and discuss critical motorcycling issues with experts, researchers, manufacturers and other transport stakeholders.
FEMA believes that such a platform for discussion is absolutely essential, especially when current public policies are looking to completely change the motorcycling landscape with issues such as Stepped Riding Licences, Motorcycles Type Approval, Mandatory Technical Inspections and Roadside barriers testing standard currently on Europe’s table.

The introduction of periodic roadworthiness tests (RWT) for all two-wheelers by the European Commission is one of the most worrisome. FEMA clearly opposes such a proposal since the positive effects on road safety and the environment of such a measure are not proportional to the increase in economic burden for citizens, especially in this period of deep economic crisis Europe is facing.

When everyone in Europe is struggling to keep up with their basic social and economic needs, we believe that Europe’s governing bodies have much more important things to do than introducing periodical testing for motorcycles. You will be able to learn more and follow the legislative process around the harmonization of RWT on FEMA’s new campaign website at [url="http://www.fema-online.eu/inspections"]www.fema-online.eu/inspections[/url].

Ride Free,
Aline Delhaye
General Secretary of FEMA

[url="http://www.fema-online.eu/index.php?page=autumn-2012"]Click here for the full newsletter[/url]

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