Pot Holes - Don't ignore them, report them

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Eamonn Townsend

Pot Holes - Don't ignore them, report them

Postby Eamonn Townsend » Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:00 am


'Report-A-Road' is the name of a new web-based facility set up by the British Motorcyclists Federation to address the problem of badly maintained road surfaces.

Although motorcycles and scooters cause less damage to roads than any other motorised vehicle, they are more susceptible to defective road surfaces but, until now, say the 120,000 strong BMF, it has not always been easy to find the right people to report a road defect to.

Now, using data based on county, local, and unitary authorities responsible for road repairs and street lighting, the BMF's new Report-A-Road facility brings all these authorities together in an alphabetically indexed list of counties for the whole of the UK. By clicking on the appropriate link and sending an email, the fault details are now automatically sent to the right person.

Badly maintained roads resulting in worn out surfaces, potholes, sunken drains, manhole covers and the use of overbanding etc. are often seen to be a contributory factor in motorcycle and scooter accidents say the BMF, but with properly maintained roads, the rider spends less time checking the road surface for hazards and more time anticipating potential dangers from other road users.

Commenting on the launch of Report-A-Road, BMF Chairman Leon Mannings said:

"We all moan about the state of the roads but not many of us bother to report defects because it's seen as too much hassle. Now there's no excuse, note it, log on and report it, it's as easy as that!"

The Report-A-Road facility is easy to use by sending either a simple email or using one of the downloadable forms used by some authorities. Both methods are accessible via Report-A-Road which can be found at <a href="http://www.bmf.co.uk/report-a-road/index.html" taregt="_blank">http://www.bmf.co.uk/report-a-road/index.html</a>

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