Spares Discount Payment.

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Spares Discount Payment.

Postby en7jos » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:38 am

I'd pay 20 quid for a decent fish and chip supper at the moment - drool! The pork and rice, noodles and assorted offal is getting a bit monotonous at the moment

JSL is no doubt a great service and asset to the club. But we should also support some of the other suppliers too as many of these are family businesses which, I'm guessing, aren't making anyone overnight millionaires. They are also a great asset to owners of the marque and compliment JSL with some different stock.

Steve at AMC Classic Spares has been a great source of help for me and my G3Ls, working out the correct parts for a bike that seems to be on the verge of many design changes (1951). As I've mentioned before, they have also taken time and effort to get things shipped to me half-way round the earth safely, quickly and at minimal cost (other overseas members please take note!). They also keep a range of second-hand parts which I don't think JSL do, do they?

No particular point to this rambling, except to say that we should be very grateful of having so many suppliers to help keep our bikes on the road. Try buying some monograde or a suitable spark plug in India and it soon brings it home how easy you have it in the UK!
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Spares Discount Payment.

Postby Oldun » Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:24 pm

I don't understand the mentality. It has risen from £5 to £10, so what? The rise is less than the price of a gallon of petrol.

It's not a tax, its a voluntary contribution to help ourselves which most of us would get back over the counter anyway. Maybe it should rise 5% next year in line with inflation.

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Spares Discount Payment.

Postby Groily » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:48 pm

Eggsakly oldun.
A voluntary levy for those who might want to buy bits from the club. No compulsion at all. It apparently hasn't gone up for 30 years or something.
I did a quick sum using my JSL order history to see what I'd have saved (had I been bright enough to have paid those fivers till recently), and I see I'd have saved at least £125 over the past three years had I coughed up. The joke's on me.
Still a bargain at a tenner (or your extra gallon), given that JSL prices are competitive. For the things they can provide.
For the things they can't and for second hand (or, to be honest, for faster support abroad), I'm with en7jos, as I've also always had brilliant help from AMC CS.
Off-topic and no-one has asked, but FWIW if someone should ever ask me 'Who d'ya think is the best Classic Spares Supplier in the Whole Wide World?, I'd have no hesitation at all in saying 'Hitchcocks, Hands Down'. But then not all of us have old Oilfields to try to mop up after. Wisely . . . .


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