FBHVC conference re ethanol

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FBHVC conference re ethanol

Postby greasemonkey62 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:43 pm

I was dissapointed to read the FBHVC Conference report on page 21 of the february Jampot as no mention was made to the fact that Esso and BP do not have ethanol in their premium 97 grade unleaded, unless you buy it in Devon and Cornwall for some reason where ethanol is in all unleaded fuels in those two counties.
This fact has been covered on three occasions online here now, other suppliers may also supply premium 97 grade unleaded without ethanol as I have only contacted Esso and BP customer services for this information, I use 97 premium grade in my 1962 model 31 AJS and my 2005 Suzuki Bandit so I have no fuel worries if either bike is stood for a while during bad weather.

Cheers Ray.

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