Which bike have I bought?

Information relating to the Matchless G2 or AJS Model 14 250cc Lightweight
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Which bike have I bought?

Postby chris kelly » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:21 pm

Hi Mike,Your engine number 59 ( Year 1959 ) 14 (Model 14 ) 837 ( Serial Number ) dates the engine as Year 1959 Model 14 . The frame number, " much more of a problem", see book title below,has your Light Single frame number 1334 as a model CSR , dated within the period 5/62 ( May 1962 ) number 1200 to 9/63 ( September 1963 ) number 16800. So your frame was manufactured in the period indicated 1962 to 1963.My information taken from "Matchless and AJS all post war road singles and twins,Restoration," by Roy Bacon. I suggest you get the book. It is also published with reverse model format ie, AJS and Matchless. Mr Bacon writes on page 138 " that paint colours are given in Appendix 4 and in more detail than in AJS and Matchless the post war models so should therefore take precedence over that volume with regard to the information given " Your mudguards should be black. The alloy mudguards were used on the " CS" model. AMC owned AJS/MATCHLESS and amongst others, JAMES. I believe they did mix and match a bit. I am far from an expert but ride a 14 CSR Year 1966, but am willing to assist ,if I can, E mail me ,separately. Bye the way, these models are good bikes All the period Press thought so .Its usually modern comments that run the bikes down without any real cause. A lot of so called mechanical problems where self inflicted by teenage " mechanics"
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Which bike have I bought?

Postby Colin F » Tue Nov 16, 2004 10:41 pm

As good as the information that Chris has supplied from the Bacon book it can only ever be general, a range of frame and engine numbers for a given year with a guess at the models.
Go to the machine dating page on this site, send your details along with the fee to Pat, the machine dating officer who will check the factory records and tell you when your bike left the factory, what model it is, which dealer it was send to and even if it left with the engine that is now in the frame!
Once you have this information someone should be able to come up with a photo of that model and then you can start sourcing the correct parts, an ad in the Jampot is always a good place to start once you know exactly what you want.

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Which bike have I bought?

Postby Ralph Whitaker. » Tue Nov 30, 2004 11:34 pm

I had a 14 CSR and mine had chromed steel guards which I thought was one of the features of the CSR, black being reserved for the ordinary models. I suspect the ally guards are non-standard.

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Which bike have I bought?

Postby robkitt » Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:24 am

I had a 14 CSR in the early 60's it had chrome gards & chrome side panels on the tank,
bike was a dark blue colour.

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