New to the Forum - Matchless G2 -(1960)

Information relating to the Matchless G2 or AJS Model 14 250cc Lightweight
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New to the Forum - Matchless G2 -(1960)

Postby Martyn Gowland. » Sat Jul 16, 2005 7:57 pm

Thought I would introduce myself as I have just joined the owners club after purchasing a 1960 Matchless G2.

I have spent years yearning to own a Matchless or AJS and have finally been in the position to realise that ambition. I thought I should start with something relatively simple as well as something that fits my budget as I have little or no mechanical background and thought I should cut my teeth on a G2 before earning the right to own and properly care for something a little more exotic in the Matchless range.

The machine I have bought is taxed and MOT'd but needs what more experienced classic bikers would probably call some basic adjustments and fettling. I wondered if some of you more experienced classic bikers might spare a few minutes to respond to some embarrassingly simple questsions........

1. In my excitement when collecting the bike I forgot to ask the previous owner whether the bike should run on leaded or unleaded petrol. Could someone advice me as to which is most appropriate. I'm assuming unleaded is going to be ok.

2. On reading the Workshop manual and the G2 Instruction manual it suggests SAE50, SAE30 or SAE20 engine oil depending on climate etc. I dont recognise these designations as I am used to buying 10w/50 or whatever from Halfords for the car. Can anyone recommend what engine oil I should use.

3. I assume I need to drain the oil via both of the drain plugs on the underside of the engine. I assume I then refill with 2.5 pints via the inspection cap at the top front of the engine.

4. One of the Fork legs is leaking oil via the drain plug at the bottom. Can someone recommend the oil I should be using please as again I am unsure of the recommended SAE30 designation.

5. The clutch requires adjusting but unfortunately I dont understand all of the instructions in the Workshop manual. (durrrrr) Would someone mind clarifying the following ........." Complete the adjustment by unscrewing the clutch cable adjuster until 3/16" movement between the outer casing and the adjuster, tighten the lock nut."
I dont have a cable adjuster at the handlbar end of the clutch cable but there is what looks like a cable adjuster where it disappears into the engine casing. Am I looking to see 3/16"of the inner cable.???

I know the above is all a bit simple but from my point of few its only simple if you've done it before........

Cant wait to get the oil changed, the clutch adjusted and the forks sorted and get out on the road.

Any other advice greatfully received to speed up my learning curve.

Regards and thanks in advance


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New to the Forum - Matchless G2 -(1960)

Postby Tolly » Sat Jul 16, 2005 9:20 pm

Hi Martyn, welcome to the forum.
Don't worry about thinking the questions you are asking are simple, they are only simple if you know the answer.
If I can help and answer them I will as I have a G5 which is the 350 version of yours.

1. Yes, use unleaded, you can use an additive, it's your choice. If you don't use an additive check the valve clearance regular, if you do use an additive stick with the same one all the time.

2. Use SAE 50, you can get several manufacture's making this classic oil.

3. It's best to use the drain plug which just sticks through the bottom frame plate as this is screwed direct into the internal oil tank, the other is screwed into the crank case. Fill up to 1 inch below the return hole, you will see this when you unscrew the filler cap and look towards the engine, it's only a very small hole about 1 inch down from the filler hole.

4. Replace the washer on the little drain plug, this is quite a common fault. Use dedicated fork oil of SAE 30 grade.

5. I would start from scratch when adjusting the clutch for the first time, this means disconnecting the cable and adjusting the actuating lever to the optimum position with the adjuster on the clutch hub. You then adjust the cable to suit.

Hope this helps, don't be afraid to ask, just enjoy the ride. [8D]

Regards, Mike T.


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New to the Forum - Matchless G2 -(1960)

Postby lawrence » Sun Jul 17, 2005 10:39 pm

welcome Martyn
Don't be afraid to ask. There are some real kknowledgeable guys on the site and they will do all they can to help you. Read the manual and use the spares scheme. Tony Surbey is also very good.

The club is excellent, they even put up with duffers like me and don't complain (though you will get your leg pulled [:)])

Lawrence [}:)]

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