Information relating to the Matchless G2 or AJS Model 14 250cc Lightweight
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Postby TUGSGF » Sat Dec 03, 2005 9:15 pm

Hi can anybody point me in the right direction to get a wokshop manual for a matchless G2 CSR 1967. many thanks

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Postby chris kelly » Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:01 pm

Hi, To the best of my knowledge you will not find paperwork for the later G2/ 14 CSR easy to find as I suspect the factory did not publise it. I have an AJS 14CSR bike 1966 and the Factory Workshop Manual I bought from the club for Heavyweight and Lightweight models lists to the year 1964. In addition , the book by Roy Bacon is very informative ," Matchless and AJS " and as the Author says is not a workshop manual . Rather, it is an aid to restoration to be used alongside manuals etc . It provides lots of information and in the case of the G2 and 14CSR to the year 1966. Other books, for example" AJS and Matchless Single Motorcycles " by F Neil, covers the Lightweight to the year 1964 for Service and Overhaul and , I guess, draws upon the Factory Workshop Manual. Under"Technical Data " there is further information on the Lightweights, so for example ,250 cc CSR / G2 1965/66 Models. I suggest you double check your bikes engine /Frame details etc with the Club to see when they left the factory .You can also get details on Engine and Frame details,Model alterations ,colours , etc etc in the Roy Bacon book which is really very detailed and researched. The other literature I have is "Illustrated Workshop Manual Model G2 250 cc OHV ...AJS Model some other models which is really good and looks to me like the type of booklet one might get when you bought a bike new ..with the bike. Bruce Main - Smith can ,no doubt ,supply you with this along with many other books. This Illustrated Workshop Manuual [ a collection of photocopies of data ,information and service information pre 1964 ,it seems to me. I also own an original Spares List from the factory," Matchless G2- G2CS and G5 " Year 1960, with an "Exploded View of Matchless and AJS 250 cc and 350 cc overhead valve engine"with all the part numbers indicated. It seems to me that this engine drawing , if I am right , is the one that is reproduced elsewhere in manuals etc , probably because most of the lightweight engine did not change . What I have never come across is a drawing of say, an 1966 engine . For those of an engineering bent ,no problem. When i was in England I had my engine rebuilt professionally and they really are good bikes as the literature of the "sixties" always seemed to state. I am hoping0000 to move to a flat early next year so I will be advertising the bike .I have just had my bike M O T" d and here in Sweden they go out and ride the bike. The chap came back , passed the bike, and said, " Much better than the Japanese bikes ! Chris Kelly.
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