Rear wheel nuts and spacers

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Re: Rear wheel nuts and spacers

Postby Janet » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:23 pm

Another suggestion that you don't have to follow.
Before you start cutting bits off the retaining nuts, try putting a number of washers on as spacers instead of the nut to see if the thickness of the nut is indeed what's holding the plate away from the swinging arm. I am assuming that neither of the two mating parts has been ground off in the past, making them too short to fit properly. Don't forget, a 3/8" thick nut like I've got is only 9.5mm.

If 'twere me, with plenty of time in the middle of a lockdown, I'd take the whole assembly apart and check that all the parts were in the correct order. Accidently mixing up the long spacer with the short one inside the hub could possible make a difference to where all the other bits sit on the spindle and therefore how it aligns when offered up to the swinging arm. If the wheel ends up too far to one side or the other, it could affect the running of the chain, too.

OK chaps, back to my bunker. See you next year.


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