G2s Missing spacer, Help Please???

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G2s Missing spacer, Help Please???

Postby Locust » Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:18 pm

Hi all, Iím just starting to rebuild a 1961 G2s and one of the first problems Iíve come across is a missing spacer on the front spindle.
The bike had been bodged very crudely using some ďrandomĒ washers which totally destroyed most of the seals etc in the hub. Iíve been able to sort out most parts but Iíve not had any luck finding a replacement spacer yet and was wondering if somebody out there may be able to help me with the dimension of the missing part so that I could have one made up.
The part number which I need dimensions for is: 043358
Described as: Spacer, Front Spindle.
Maybe you have a similar model currently stripped and could run a vernier over it for me???

Many thanks for any help you can offer ÖÖ. P.M.

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