How wide is an outfit/combination.

Information relating to the Matchless G2 or AJS Model 14 250cc Lightweight
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How wide is an outfit/combination.

Postby kernow kid » Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:21 pm

My fathers got a pic somewhere of his brother with a Panther outfit.. but being Uncle Arthur, it didnt have a regular chair fitted..oh no, he tied on a large, camel hair filled chair from a 3 piece suite! I think he told the policeman he was in the removals business..
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How wide is an outfit/combination.

Postby itma » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:37 pm

The idea being it would slow me down a bit,and give abit of comfort to the girlfriend about 1966, I put a Garrard GP onto my old Triumph 6T I thought I'd do it properly and paid Geo Clark famous sidecar agent to fit and line it up.
Down Brixton hill, 1st left hander saw me with the front wheel lodged in the pedestian railings in the middle of the road.
Grimly hanging to the wildly shaking bars I got as far as Kingston on my way to Windsor where I filled it with bricks from a building site
A slow and nerve wracking 30 miles later, I replaced the bricks with the Ginger Bird, nearly the same weight, and set off back up the A4 to the 59 club; Ginger got wetter in the chair than on the back; she was, despite all else a very good pillion passenger.
At the 59 club, fortified by tea and pies, we decided to set off for Chelsea Bridge dog stall, a mate hitching a lift on the back; going down Park lane the devils contrivance decided to veer off to the right; rims scraping the granite kerb, the only thing that stopped the whole lot turning rs over tit was me and the mate frantically leaning over the chair, sparks coming off the rims, I managed to regain control. At the Chelsea Bridge mate#1 decided he'd had enough, and cadged a pillion ride home; mate #2 a keen sidecar driver, said "I'll hop on the back and see whats up"
so off we went back into the West End and around the Victoria one way system, where a black cab driver seeing I was having some bother in getting into the left lane thought it funny to block me, so I gave the damn thing a handful of throttle and veered sharp right into a parked MGB. Bent MGB bent forks, sidecar opened up like a bloody banana.
Taxi driver wetting hisself.
Evidently having a pillion passenger on chair has this tendancy they told me later, I should have blocked the rear end rigid or some such cobblers,

Side cars?
Stuff'em, I'd rather be a big girls shirt lining any day.
As for exotic sights on the chassis, I have seen a coffin, a settee, a bath tub, old packing cases and planks amongst others; those were the days.

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How wide is an outfit/combination.

Postby bjork » Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:42 pm


As for exotic sights on the chassis,
(That's why mines called the Babe Magnet)

I have seen a coffin,
(The ultimate early '70s greebo outfit in Leicestershire)

a settee,
(I missed that one, but did see a leather armchair)

a bath tub,
(standard issue to '70s greebos in these parts)

old packing cases
(Had a ride in one of those, can't think why)

and planks amongst others;
(I think I knew him too)

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