Oil in chain case

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Oil in chain case

Postby Ian 14 G2 » Thu May 05, 2011 11:58 am

I have a problem where by I am getting oil in my chain case when I have not placed oil in there for the lubrication of the chain, I have noticed that the splined shaft and the bored out tube it runs through have free play between them and to me it seems quite a lot and i suspect thats where its coming from as I am getting oil on my clutch plates.there was no oil in the gear box when I got the bike and due to worn seals, gaskets and washers and wonder if thats caused wear, I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem and if you have how did you solve it or am I looking at having my gear box rebuilt? all gears select fine and I get no noise from it to indicate worn bearings. I have replaced all gaskets, seals, o rings etc and have no visible leaks.

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Oil in chain case

Postby Janet » Thu May 05, 2011 12:20 pm

When I fill the chain case on my G2CSR with the correct amount of oil G2 it gets oil on the clutch plates without having any extra leaking in.

I've not had the problem of chaincases filling up but I've known other people who have. If it's black it will be leaking from the engine, but if it's clean it will be from the gearbox, as that doesn't usually get the same muck in it.

Of course the usual caveat applies, ie I know nowt about owt.


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