New Model 8 owner fits carrier!

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New Model 8 owner fits carrier!

Postby pev999 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:06 am

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Hi all,
recently bought a 1961 Model 8, joined the club, and have already found this forum incredibly helpful. As it has been quiet for a month I thought I would post on how I fitted a carrier.

I did look at the options from AMC Classic Spares and Craven but decided to make use of a rusty old Craven rack I had on the shelf that came with a Royal Enfield basket case that has long since moved on. The challenge was to fit it in a way that was robust, looked discreet, and was easily removable (and cost very little!). Basically the carrier is mounted on a 25 x 3mm bar that is fixed in two places - on a short right angle bracket held on by the rear seat fixing screws at the front, and a U shaped mudguard bridge (from gawd knows what) fixed to the mudguard behind the rear number plate at the rear. Thus no new visible holes need to be drilled. I then made up stays to support the rack and bolted them to the bar. Everything pretty much came out of the scrap bin (doesn't everyone have one?) and a tin of Hammerite smooth took care of the cosmetics.

I hope this makes sense - none of the measurements are critical - the only tricky bit is getting the carrier to sit level whilst you measure for the stays. The picture above should be self explanatory but there are more if anyone wants them put up. Plenty of these racks come up at autojumbles for not much money.


Pev (Brian Petheram)
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Re: New Model 8 owner fits carrier!

Postby Rob Harknett » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:46 am

Looks good. I have used the 25 x 3 mm bar myself for making pannier frames etc. 2 m. lengths quite cheap from B&Q. Also use their narrower/thinner steel bars for brackets.

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