Exhaust for 1963 AJS 16

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Exhaust for 1963 AJS 16

Postby MalcolmK » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:13 am

Hi, I need some help, I have a 1963 AJS 16 which I purchased in Malaysia in 1982. I have done a lot of mechanical work but left the paint etc as is. I prefer to see the age of the bike. The exhaust pipe has finally said enough is enough. This is where the problem starts. The bike has a 1+5/8” exhaust port. Now I have been told this can’t be! But there are a few things about this bike which should not be. It has a 74mm high dome piston, a factory fitted magneto Mk1 concentric 928 carburettor and a 74 mm rotor for the alternator. I purchased a pipe and muffler from Feked UK for the appropriate year but it doesn’t even come close to fitting. At 1+1/2” it is to small and it also hits the front foot peg. Obviously this was a bit of a hybrid as left the factory. I also live in Australia which doesn’t help. Does anyone have some clean suggestions as where or how I can acquire the correct exhaust system for my beloved Ajay. A few years ago I had a search done of the archives and found it still has the original numbers and that it left the factory on the 9/01/1963. All I can do at present is wrap the pipe, but that would make it look to much like a bobber (yuck). All help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Malcolm Klein

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Re: Exhaust for 1963 AJS 16

Postby Reynard24 » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:11 am

Hello Malcolm
Your post should have been placed in the G3/M16 section however, the exhaust pipe you need is available from Armour Motor Products in Bournemouth UK. It is listed as: Pipe AJS Matchless 350 1962 on. They also stock silencers (mufflers) that will fit the 1 5/8" pipe but the original cigar shaped silencers for 1963-on are very difficult to find - there is a chap in Eastern Europe that makes them but he doesn't speak very good English and his website was very poor when I tried to order one for my 1963 bike some years ago. Alternatively Mike Partridge at Walridge Motors in Canada may be able to help.
The bike you have is not a hybrid - the engine dimensions are 74x81mm and they are known as ultra short-stroke 350s and were only made in 1962
& '63. The engine dimensions then changed to 72x85.5mm from 1964 until the end of production. The high domed piston is correct - there are some bikes fitted with flat-topped 74mm pistons and these are low compression and will not give the usual performance these bikes have.
A magneto is unusual on these as they were mostly coil ignition. The concentric carb is certainly not an original fitment as they did not come out until 1967 - you should have a 1 1/8" monobloc.
Finally, I recommend that you join the club - these are quite rare bikes and information on them is scarce, as a guest you only have 90 day access to the forum.

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Re: Exhaust for 1963 AJS 16

Postby clive » Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:11 am

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