G80S 1955 flywheels

Information relating to the Matchless G80 or AJS Model 18 500cc Heavyweight.
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G80S 1955 flywheels

Postby Bengosan » Fri Feb 21, 2020 1:33 am

I have a replacement set of flywheels stamped G9 to replace old flywheels as one had a hairline crack.
My problem is that the flywheels that I am discarding are 1'' thick and the replacement set are 1.156" thick(! 5/32") and also stamped G9.
I also have a spare set of 350cc flywheels from a 1952 engine which are also 1'' thick but stamped G3 as one would expect.
I need to know whether the replacement flywheels that are thicker will fit my G80S crankcase?
All flywheels mentioned are 7 3/4" inch in diameter. From my research to date the technical data shows all engines have the dimensions of 7 3/4" diameter and 1.156" thickness(after #8000).
Is there someone out there with more in-depth knowledge on the subject?

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