Ht cable routing

Information relating to the Matchless G80 or AJS Model 18 500cc Heavyweight.
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Re: Ht cable routing

Postby SPRIDDLER » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:13 pm

Steve Harding wrote:Thanks for the suggestion. Going back to mag so not reliant on battery. It is a thorspark I am removing

How very sensible. All my old bikes have had mags and none have ever let me down. If mags were good enough for the R/R Merlin...……... ;)
My bikes have all had dynamos but maybe the higher output from alternators makes them more suitable for battery/coil/electronic ignition.

(Spooky is a Thorspark fan :rofl: )
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Re: Ht cable routing

Postby Group Leader » Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:47 pm

Group Leader wrote:….the magneto connector is facing aft not forward

Mine faces forward (1954).

Mine would too if I took it off and rotated it through 180 degrees to the intended orientation and the cable entry point would just about line up with the hole in the splash shield. Although I've not tried it!
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Re: Ht cable routing

Postby Steve Harding » Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:45 pm

Finally got round to fitting my spare reconditioned mag. What can I say, it as transformed the bike as opposed to electronic ignition.
Much smoother tickover and easy starting


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