Gearbox G114L50 ??

Information relating to the Matchless G11 or AJS Model 30 600cc twin
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Gearbox G114L50 ??

Postby Steinøks » Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:17 pm

Hi everyone.
I`m still a beginner with the British bikes and going trough 34 HELP forum pages, I have to come with these questions:
My bike is an A.J.S M18 single, first registred 01-01-47 her in Norway.
Gearbox nr G 114 L50 as far as I can read.
found some more nr: 1BAP M M31 VAF.
Is, or can that be correct ??
There is no drain plugg under the box, does that mean it is a greasebox?
(No grease nipple on top). Or just tipping it with oil every now and then ?

Engine nr: 87508. This is not a 500 cc engine but 350 cc.
Is this an A.J.S engine ?? Cylinder has nr:W4 G3LEI ?

Frame nr: 2300*. Again is this an A.J.S nr ?

I belief it`s just a mixture .... :-(
But having funn with it anyway !!!!!! :-)


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Gearbox G114L50 ??

Postby SPRIDDLER » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:14 pm

The transmission numbers are listed in Christian's Archive here:

See Comment no. 1 after the numbers as it indicates that an extra figure '1' was inserted in some g/box numbers - perhaps as you have indicated above.

I also have a one-owner '47 Model 18 (500cc)which has its original CP grease gearbox.
According to Roy Bacon both the AJS and Matchless H/W single and twin frame numbers ran from 12760 in 1947 to 23358 in 1948.
The Model 18 was a 500. You seem to have a 350 engine in yr parts collection. What's the full engine number on the crankcase?
It may have a 350 bottom end with a 500 barrel, head, zorst, so forth. A common alteration to uprate a 350 to 500 in later years.
I'm not sure if the club dating service can provide information for non-related engines and frames but maybe Les (Dating Officer) Ward will be along to comment in due course.

I hope your Model 18 sets off the neighbours' car alarms when coming home late at night as mine does. Lovely thumping noise!
I poke badgers with spoons.

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Gearbox G114L50 ??

Postby Steinøks » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:33 pm

Hi and thanks spriddler.
Yes indeed it mke a very nice sound, espesialy when the demper (or what is left of it is laying loose inside !!)
I allways hade a weak spot as a boy for the souns of an British bike, but I started with a Jap in the 70th.
I have to talk to the former owner, matby he stillhas the 500 cc motor.
Nice talking
AJS...Running so well !!!

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