1958 g11 csr

Information relating to the Matchless G11 or AJS Model 30 600cc twin
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1958 g11 csr

Postby moley » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:01 pm

Hi Chaps, i have today brought a 58 g11 csr, all matching very good project. has anyone got the same model i would like to see some photos also want to know location of the horn? ta andy

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1958 g11 csr

Postby kernow kid » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:24 pm

Hi moley,
a quick and easy reference is Google homepage...when you load the home page, at the top left hand corner there are some options. including 'images'. If you click this, then type into the search box Matchless G11 CSR, it will bring up images form a wide range of sources...
The 'photos' section here also has some great pics.
Regards KK
Top tip - if it needs more than 2 bolts to hold it on, its probably important...

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