1963 G80CS Shock length & battery carrier queries

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Re: 1963 G80CS Shock length & battery carrier queries

Postby mdt-son » Thu Nov 26, 2020 5:16 pm

Don Madden wrote:Sorry to be so long replying but had to dig in "Amadden's Cave" to find original AMC/Girling CS/CSR units. They are 1/2in longer than the Touring type with different springs, measuring 12in long, eye/eye.

I revisited this thread today. Don's measurement does not coincide with the Girling catalogue. For 1963-68 G80CS, Girling specified complete unit, p/n 64054392, extended length 12.3". It contains spring 9054/277 which has a length (built-in) of 8.0" (relaxed - 8.75") and a spring stiffness of 110 lb/in, color code red/red.
For 1963-66, G3/G80/G12 STD were specified with 12.9" suspension units and 110 lb/in springs which are 8.4" long. Spring stiffnesses are apropriate for a rider weighing 160 lbs.

Riders weighing more would have to use springs 64539963 (color code red/orange) which provided a stiffness of 132 lbs/in and a built-in length of 8.0".



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