Stormers 'famous for losing spark' ????

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Stormers 'famous for losing spark' ????

Postby burga007 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:03 pm

I wondered if anyone can assist? I posted a recent topic about reinstating the points ignition on my 370 FB Stormer. I've taken my bike into a local bike repair shop who have some knowledge of old British bikes and they are helping me with the issue. I spoke with the shop today and they have yet to start on my bike but a customer of theirs was in the shop today and he noticed my bike. Apparently he recognized my Stormer straight away as he used to race them back in the 60's and 70's. Without any knowledge of the ignition issue he said something like 'great bikes, handled well, but were famous for losing the spark for no apparent reason, sometimes mid-race'.

I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on his comment and more importantly, if he is speaking the truth, if anyone can suggest any fixes, solutions, work arounds to this issue?

As ever, your help is much appreciated.

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Re: Stormers 'famous for losing spark' ????

Postby Cjay59 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:36 am

I don't know if you've read through my website on the AJS Stormer, it may help you gain the big picture of its history and development. Early in its racing career it suffered from lose of spark, but the reasons will not effect your machine because you don't run with points. In the early days it had problems with the electrics caused by water entering the system and shorting them out, one race was famously lost because the track had been hosed down by the fire brigade, this led to bad press and a big falling out between Malcolm Davis and AJS, and obviously effected its reputation.

I once had a problem with no spark from my magneto, I tried everything to sort it and in the end gave up, took the engine out and drove down to Andover and gave it to Fluff Brown (Motoplat - 1981).

He said "Cliff, leave it with me and come back in a week", so I did, and returned the next week to collect it. Fluff flicked it over and beautiful snapping blue spark, "How did you fix it" I asked, he wouldn't tell me, and we carried on chatting, I must of slipped the question into the conversation another five times, same old smile returned, he wouldn't tell me.

We settled up and I put the engine in the boot, said our goodbyes and I waved out the open window as I drove off, " A Matchstick" came the reply, old bu..... laughing aloud.

So it maybe touching the casings and needs a none conducting spacer. Mine is still running today, no idea how the matchstick has survived!

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