January Section Notes

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January Section Notes

Postby Eric » Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:25 am

Matt has just sent me the notes for February and when I cam to post them on this Forum I realised I had missed out the ones for January so here they are: -

Well, The East Midland twixtmas run on December 29th went with a bang! Certainly in my case as I carelessly ran into the back of Andy and Linda Smith’s outfit at a road junction, fortunately it was not much more than a nudge and Andy insisted on repairing his rear light assembly himself, I did offer to do the honours but he insisted!, I do admit to having some “previous” to these events, ask Charles, as I am sure he will fill you in on all the graphic details – all very embarrassing! Back to the run which was led by John and Julie Grew, it was a resounding success with a coffee stop midmorning and finishing for lunch at our new venue the Queens Head in Newton Regis. a village some 4 miles away from our previous watering hole the Spade Tree, we have moved on due to a combination of events, the incumbent land lady was moving on to pastures new, we were getting too big for the venue anyway and the heating which consisted of one open fire some 30 feet from where we could congregate, it was seriously cold in December! However this did not dampen our spirits on the last event there, the Christmas buffet, with Dave and Barbara Coleman providing their now usual fantastic musical accompaniment to a packed house. The new venue was selected by John Renwick and John Grew a couple of weeks previously, when they took on the onerous task of pub crawling in the area, well, someone has to have the strength and fortitude! they selected the Queens Head as it appeared to tick all the boxes. On arrival for lunch when some 10 bikes and a few cars full of various friends and family turned up, the landlord seemed a little bemused, what does the big M on the tanks mean? was his first question, on being told he still did not appear to be any the wiser, but he will see the light, have no fear.

Our first club noggin and natter night, on January 5th, settled down after a little bit of shuffling about with the rooms available and the signs are that we will settle in well, particularly as the pub has a good selection of ales and does some great food!

By the time you read this Brian Slack’s images night will have been a happy memory and the AGM on February 2nd will have been done and dusted for another year.

Eric by now should have had all the monies for our annual dinner and presentation night on February 5th at the Appleby Inn and if previous years are anything to go by it promises to be a right good do!

Hopefully Andy Smith’s Frostbite run on February 20th will not be as cold as December was, as most of us are pretty fed up with it now!

It appears the East Midland section has a splinter group we did not know about if the caption photo alongside last months section notes is anything to go by, it did not show any of us known suspects, those in the photo were much better looking!
Matt Dillon.

Having now posted them and re-read them I wonder if Matt bribed someone to remove them because of the incriminating statements contained therin?

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