April Section Notes

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April Section Notes

Postby Eric » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:53 pm

The east midland’s evening run on Wednesday 16th April led by Phil Bannister turned out to be a little bit more eventful than usual, whilst finishing off the evening saunter in the dusk and heading towards the finish, a pub – of course, it was noticed that 2 of the happy band, Eddy Grew’s Vincent and Martin Calthorpe's Matchless, were unable to show any lights whatsoever, plus Richard Gaunt’s rear light on his AJ had also expired, no problem, usual arrangement, stick them in the middle of the convoy so that they can all get to the pub. All was going well until suddenly 3 police motor cycles appeared from nowhere, joined them, and followed them into the pub, as they dismounted their bikes things looked grim as they walked over, but the day was saved by one of the party casually enquiring if by any chance they knew our newly appointed treasurer, Paul Rush, (recently retired from the police) yes, one replied, he taught me to ride my bike - ice broken - the guilty parties were given a stiff talking to about the error of their ways and warned not to progress any further until their lights had been repaired. Eddy and Richard were soon mobile after sorting out some connection problems, but poor Martin, who suspected his dynamo had given up the ghost, had to have a pillion ride home to sort out transport to pick up his bike. You don’t get bored on our runs!

Eddy and John Grew’s talk with an images show on Wednesday April 13th of their experiences over 3 decades on racing a pre-war Sunbeam, was an unqualified success, they started racing on a shoe string in the mid 70’s and gradually progressed over the ensuing years honing John (the pilot) and the bike to be competitive with no less than 5 different engines each with an improved state of tune. They achieved some resounding successes culminating with them winning the championship more than once, all in all an excellent humorous and informative evening, a good job as it was standing room only!

Runs to look forward to in May are the Burton bridge run on Wednesday 4th, VMCC Burton parade on the 8th and John Grew’s Mystery run on the 15th.

Hope everyone took advantage of all the quiet roads on April 29th when hopefully the rest of the nation was glued to their televisions!

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