Heart of England notes February 2008

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Heart of England notes February 2008

Postby lawrence » Sat Feb 09, 2008 11:39 pm

Ears pricked up at Heart of England as Little Miss Sunshine announced that, for Christmas, she and Mr. Bump had exchanged a woolly hat and underwear as presents. Everyone, especially Mr. Tickle, were very keen to pass an opinion on this underwear! Sadly they discovered it was thermal stuff for Mr. Bump to use on his bike. I don’t know what they were expecting! The meeting on the 27th December saw only Mr. Strong, Mr. Happy and Mr. Noisy in attendance. To make matters worse, Mr. Bounce felt poorly so didn’t come to this or the Boxing Day VMCC run. At least he’s better now! At our ‘Bits in a Bag’ night a splendid array of bags appeared, thirty-two items in total. As always, Mr. Bounce won easily but in recompense brought in an early twin centre-web oil deflector. Mr. Messy and Mr. Stubborn scored well. Conversation soon turned to ‘Bits that fell off bikes’ and Mr. Tickle remembered an occasion riding along when he was suddenly accompanied by a loud rendition of ‘Tubular Bells’. It was his exhaust pipe overtaking him! Not to be outdone, Mr. Nosy told us how he was overtaken by his Altette and, as it bounced along Barnes-Wallis style, it tooted merrily. Mr. Bump then said he once had a sleeping bag fall off his bike. Of course, it didn’t make any noise so perhaps he should now be called Mr. Quiet? Good to see Mr. Clever at a section night, his fourth in nineteen years as a member! Hopefully we will see him more often now his job has changed. Don’t forget HoE Happenings board game on the 14th February and Famous Rick’s History Quiz on the 28th. Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Sunshine are sure to go. See you there!

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