Heart fo England notes March 2008

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Heart fo England notes March 2008

Postby lawrence » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:08 pm

The most eagerly awaited event in Heart of England’s winter calendar ‘Famous Bob’s music quiz’ took place in January. Teams faced up to each other across the floor. Glory, desired by many, was only possible for one. With his usual aplomb Famous Bob launched into the cavalcade of sound. Ears strained as entrants did battle with their brains, trying to drag answers from their memory. Rick and John started as firm favourites. Some suggested, in view of their usual easy victory, that they should wear ear defenders as a handicap. Conway and Barry threatened their lead for a while and our itinerant barfly Mark even looked a challenge at one point but the R&J combo forged onwards. Suddenly though, a surprise contender appeared as Susi forced them to a draw with an impressive score of 72%! Members stood aghast, fearing the worst from our legendary Dark Traders, but in a truly gentlemanly display Rick and John offered the crown to Susi. I suspect they will have swotted up on Steppenwolf by next year! Thanks to Bob for a glorious night which included the usual James Bond question amongst some very obscure tunes. Personally I am sure that Jethro Tull did record ‘Palomar Blanca’. If it wasn’t commercially known doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Ah well, must try harder next year.

On Valentine’s Day evening all the section ladies were treated to a game of ‘HoE Happenings’. What could be more romantic? Rick, our very own Piston Ring King, bought his prospective ma-in-law along. Easy to see where Louise gets her beauty from! Despite missing some dodgy rental customers Tim and Elizabeth cruised to an easy victory winning £41,050.00. Our beloved treasurer, Chris, and sidekick Bob, with considerably less than they started with, came last. Are the club accounts in safe hands? Three different members brought in broken pistons to show us. As if this piston excitement wasn’t enough for them, all the ladies received a Valentine gift courtesy of Susi. We spoil those girls but then, they did show much more acumen than us guys! Coming up: Summer planning evening, Dynamic Conway’s TT board game and our first evening run. Be there or be square!

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