Heart of England notes September 2008

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Heart of England notes September 2008

Postby lawrence » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:26 pm

The Rockers amongst Heart of England have been having their usual uproarious time. We ran the club stand at TON-UP day near Silverstone. Jack’s Hill, our regular haunt, was converted into a Fifties café for the day. With period vehicles and a huge turnout of enthusiasts, many in period dress, it was brilliant fun. Chris, Tony and Lawrence were core roadies ably helped out by Conway, Bill and the ever gorgeous Susi. Many thanks to them, they did a great job. The team revealed previously unsuspected ‘Arthur Daley’ abilities in salesmanship and moved lots of tickets for the raffle bike. We may have to buy them all trilbies! A fabulous day was had by all. This was a new event which hopefully will become an annual one. An article about it has been promised for Jampot magazine! An equally good time was had on ‘Dave’s aero evening’. This is a revived event and was a grand night. It was nice to welcome newbies Mick, Tony and Brent at the White Horse and even better that they were able to join us for the barbie at Dave’s. Dave led the snake of motorcyclists in his white van to his place where the charcoal was already burning! There was a good crowd but even they struggled to demolish the mountain of grub assembled for our delectation. I think a whole cow must have been slaughtered for it! Looking round the workshops with their collection of vintage planes undergoing restoration was fascinating and talking to Dave and his family even more so. Founders Day was next up and seeing the tools on display made member X reminisce about his last puncture. After refitting the tyre he only had one tyre lever left. Not worrying too much he inflated the tyre and was surprised to see a flat section in the tyre arc. Apparently it is much harder to remove a tyre with only one lever! At least Bob can rest assured that I won’t embarrass him by telling anyone who it was! Lastly there was the Jampot rally. This was so much fun for our section that words fail me! Coming up; Classic vehicle day at Turweston, run to Quainton and sadly, unbelievably the ‘Last Run of Summer’. Rock’n’Roll on boys!

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