Wey Valley notes

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Wey Valley notes

Postby Mallet » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:23 pm

Here in the Wey Valley, Monty Python is recovering well after his recent health kerfuffle & may be re-joining us soon at clubnights, Destroyer & Glorious Leader have been on a continental excursion to the German/Luxembourg border area in cohort with 2 of the Hampshire’s, where all enjoyed trouble free riding around the Ardennes region.
Youngman! & Mallet attended the Change of the Clocks run & joined with other Hampshire riders for tea & tiffin.
5 Wey Valley riders joined the Hampshire’s(again!) for the annual Hampshire frostbite run, which started from the Hampshire’s meeting place, & went on a meandering 45 mile ride through the Hampshire countryside to end with tea & tiffin at a lovely roadside café just north of Alton(almost Wey Valley territory!)
Mallet even made a special effort to get up early & meet Youngman!, Glorious Leader & Miss Piggy, just west of Farnham, to meet with the Hampshire's & Destroyer at the West Meon.
Nobody fell off, nobody broke anything, nobody hit anything, so all was good! Special thanks to G-Ray(Hampshire) for organising & leading the run.
Let’s see you out there, Matchless Maniacs & Ajay Wildthings!
Born Hampshire, Ride Hampshire!

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