Wey Valley notes

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Wey Valley notes

Postby Mallet » Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:26 am

Here in the Wey Valley, all is well with the world, Glorious Leader has recovered sufficiently enough to take his place once more, in the lead, aha!

Destroyer can thus have a rest & blow something else up perhaps, or was it Youngman! leading I wonder??

We have attended several local runs in the past few weeks, indeed this time of year, there is nearly always something on to ride to or attend, so we are kept quite busy, rest assured

The “Joint” camping weekend(the Hampshires think it’s all down to them, but it’s our meeting place, aha!) was it’s usual success, where all enjoyed a fine weekend of good weather, camaraderie, good riding & warm company around the chimoneer(ably fed by closet pyromaniac, Daft Vader!)

Onward to the Jampot we say, Wey Valley are out there, so let’s see you out there, Matchless Maniacs & Ajay Wildthings !
Born Hampshire, Ride Hampshire!

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