Wey Valley notes

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Wey Valley notes

Postby Mallet » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:20 pm

Here in the Wey Valley, I’d better write something or I’ll get lynched, so here goes, blah blah blah waffle waffle ramble… only kidding, lol!
We’ve had a busy riding season this year in the Wey Valley theatre of operations, which is wherever Glorious Leader decides to take us next.
We have however attended several events & runs over the Summer, although I believe only 1 Wey Vally rider made it to the Jampot, but several riders made it to the West Kent run/rally at the beginning of August, where all enjoyed Tea & Tiffin & some pretty good runs.
We had a bit of a 3 way split in August, 1 rider went to the Jampot, several riders attended the White Dove rally & some went to the Popham Megameet, as they were all over the same weekend.
More later
Lets see you out there, Matchless Maniacs & Ajay Wildthings!
Born Hampshire, Ride Hampshire!

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