Wey Valley notes

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Wey Valley notes

Postby Mallet » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:06 pm

Here in the Wey Valley, several Wey valley riders attended the recent West Kent run, where all enjoyed revelry, riding, tea and tiffin. Glorious Leader however, had to shake up Mallet on the Saturday, as that was the day of the main run, Mallet was still at his slumbers perhaps later than intended. Bagpuss, he is not.

Destroyer won a 2nd place rosette for his Rudge, Glorious Leader claims he was not miffed, although Destroyer was not convinced.

As it also clashed with the White Dove rally, organised by our very own Dragonfly, other Wey Valley riders opted to ride out there. Teapot was known to have attended, maybe Monty Python, but Knightrider rampaged elsewhere, chasing buxom barmaids.

The Mallet rides again, after a long absence due to an injury, he managed two long rides on the West Kent run.
He was a little sore afterward but otherwise he managed the run's ok.

Lets see you out there, Matchless Maniacs and Ajay Wildthings!
Born Hampshire, Ride Hampshire!

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