Lightweight 250 cc, Front chain oil level G2/AJS14

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Lightweight 250 cc, Front chain oil level G2/AJS14

Postby chris kelly » Sun Jan 13, 2008 12:56 pm

Handbook," The front chain is lubricated with engine oil filled to the front chain case,

which forms an oil bath. If the lower of the two slotted screwed caps on the chain case is

removed, the oil level can be observed.. The correct oil level is just above the bottom run

of the primary chain. To top up, remove both slotted screwed caps and fill oil through the

uppermost aperture, checking the level through the lower .

A drain plug is situated immediately below the clutch assembly. If the chaincase is drained

, refill with 1 pint ( . 6 litres ) of engine oil"

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