New Mondena 125cc scooter

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Re: New Mondena 125cc scooter

Postby Triumph-Legend » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:01 am

I live in Peterborough and having filled my bike up at the local garage recently, I came across a young guy working at the payment kiosk that had bought a scooter from a local dealer of Chinese made scooters, He was having similar problems getting faults fixed under warranty. His machine had so many faults that I really can't remember them all. Switches not working, faulty lights etc. He had repeatedly been back to the dealer and was given any old excuse time after time for them not fixing the problems. Now, I hate seeing people being messed about with poor quality products or services. I gave him the following advice.

1, List all the faults on the scooter and describe the effect of these faults. Especially if these resulted in his inability to use the machine or resulted in the recovery due to breakdown or other mechanical or electrical failure.
2, Take digital photos of all the faults where possible. If the faults cannot be photographed with accompanying text description, they must be described very clearly to make clear the nature and effect of the fault.
3, Take the machine to a reputable dealer and get them to give a written estimate to carry out rectification work inclusive of parts required. I did recommend a dealer.
Scan a copy of this estimate to enable transmission by email.
4, Send all of the above information to the original supplier and inform them that unless you received contact from them within 7 days, the machine would be returned to them and court action taken to recover the cost of the faulty goods supplied.

I did stress to him to send all correspondence and photos by email and to set the email service to confirm that the message had been received. This means that the dealer could not claim having not received correspondence posted to him by mail. Also the date of the email would be clearly recorded should further action be required.

Well, the young chap did all of the above.
The next time I saw him he was very appreciative of the advice, and dealer contact that I had given him. It transpired that he had returned the machine to the supplier and had received a full refund for the cost. The shame is that after this experience, he has given up of riding scooters or motorcycles and is saving to buy himself a small car. Can't say I blame him really after all the hassle that he went through.


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