AJS Tempest Roadster

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AJS Tempest Roadster

Postby NigelGF » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:03 pm

I have a AJS Tempest Roadster; has anybody tried the Sports Type Rear Shocks with the Resevoir , just wondered if they were better then the Standard ones ?

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Re: AJS Tempest Roadster

Postby PaulDiette » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:55 pm

Your answer in brief... Variable Rate Springs. The main benefit is that the Sports Type Rear Shocks with Reservoir are fitted with variable rate springs, whereas the stock shocks are fitted with linear springs. Linear springs compress with uniform pressure from top to bottom and are best when your riding environment is also very consistent. For 99% of us, that means that linear springs work best at the track, not on the street. In contrast, variable rate springs start softer for small deflections, which make many smallish bumps go past you without much of the bump reaching your backside, but become stiffer if the deflection increases on bigger bumps. In general, variable rate springs are best for the street. You can immediately spot linear versus variable as the variable rate springs will have tighter spring winding spacing toward the top with more open windings toward the bottom. Linear springs are the same spacing top to bottom and also cost less to make. I had my dealer install the Sports Type Rear Shocks with Reservoir before taking delivery of my Tempest, and even though I have a bad lower disc in my back, I'm getting along with the ride quite nicely. I've always fit both the front and rear of all my motorcycles, including two heavy Triumph Bonnevilles, with variable rate springs and always been delighted with the outcome. From a pure ride comfort standpoint, variable rate springs have the greatest benefit when fitted to a rebuild of the front forks, but using them on all four corners is best if that's an option.

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Re: AJS Tempest Roadster

Postby skydiver » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:32 pm

I have a Cadwell Custom with the dampers having the reservoir at the top(Or is it a phony reservoir?) The ride is spine jarring...No adjustment is possible...I'm looking into replacing them with proper dampers....KC.

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