Registration question from a new owner

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Re: Registration question from a new owner

Postby clive » Thu Jan 21, 2021 11:20 am

Christopher, the Dating service is aimed at the UK registration process hence the advice to have the bike MOT ready. In your case I am not sure of the process but the details you will need are probably returned in the following document.

Certificate, valid for 1 year for DVLA purposes

To obtain an age related number and V5 registration document

Derived from factory records.
Confirms the year and model of the frame, engine and gearbox numbers provided.
Includes letter detailing any other factory data e.g. supplying dealer

Certificate valid with DVLA for 1 year ONLY. A new certificate is required after 1 year. Bike must be roadworthy, MOT’d (if applicable) and insured.

Non-matching numbers certificates clearly state this
£10 including postage

its the first one on the list. good luck. Big thing with AMC was that the frame numbers and engine numbers were never the same, The records will say if engine you have goes with the frame. Might be worth emailing the dating officer for advice.
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